We are thrilled to announce the kick off for Operation Rainbow !

Our store is in need of improvements to help us work more efficiently and be even more entertaining for our customers. By making the new store design a super fun interactive experience as well as a visual feast we hope to ensure the longevity of the business and the employment of the people who work there.

By raising money to help create new products and improve our store facilities we will, in turn, be able to continue to support local artists and tradespeople and contribute to valuable, local youth programs. We will also be able to continue employing local characters to work in our store and help them continue their own artistic pursuits.

Right down the road from us lies the Oasis Center, a wonderful organization helping youth grow, thrive & create positive change. They run a myriad of programs aimed to help youths in various stages from homelessness to college preparation. As operation rainbow is all about inclusion and community it’s only fitting that we donate 2%of the proceeds from rainbow bark to this well deserving charity.

If you are wanting to learn more please visit us at our official iFundWomen page.